Step 2: Proposal/Term Sheet

In order to assess your loan application, BCI Lending needs certain information. Please determine if your loan request will be for a new, startup business, or for an existing business. Then provide us your:


Signed current personal financial statement for all business owners
NOTE: Please review our tutorial before completing the form

  1. Latest fiscal year end business financial statements (for an existing businesses)
  2. Latest interim business financial statement
  3. Personal resumé for each business owner
  4. Signed credit report authorization for each business owner
  5. Brief description of use of loan proceeds and collateral to be offered
  6. Startup businesses must provide projections for three (3) years, plus a business plan

Our loan committee will move quickly to assess your application and provide you with a loan proposal or term sheet. Typically, you will receive a reply concerning BCI Lending’s interest in your loan request within two business days. A positive response means that you can move on to the next phase of the loan application process, Final Qualification, where you will be asked to provide further information.

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